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Brooker’s Founding Flavors Ice Cream

Brooker’s Founding Flavors Ice Cream is the realization of Brian Brookers (founder) longtime dream of starting a homemade ice cream business. After years of learning about the craft and developing unique and original flavors, Brain traded in his career in law to pursue ice cream full time. Brain and his wife Jamie opened up their first Brooker’s location in 2018 in Vineyard. It’s popularity took off and just over a year later they opened their second location in Provo. 

Brooker’s American history theme goes beyond just the name of the store and ice cream flavors but to everything from the decorations, to the wardrobes of the employees to even the water dispenser. However, the fun theme and atmosphere is not the reason that the line is more often than not out the door. Brooker’s ice cream is considered “super premium” as it contains 16% butterfat which causes it to be creamier then other ice creams.


One of the biggest takeaways from our visit was that the mix-ins they include in their ice cream are handmade! This gives them complete control over what goes in and allows them to use the highest quality ingredients. 

Fun fact - Brooker’s Founding Flavor Ice Cream offers a “Patriot Discount” which is 10% off for all military, police, firefighters and full-time clergy with ID or in uniform. 

See the full story here.

About their menu:

Brooker’s is consistently developing new flavors. Part of the Brooker’s experience is not just enjoying the ice cream but also the history and nuance that goes into everything about the menu. They have over 40 flavors on their current menu (this is not all their flavors but a sample of many they offer) all of which have a colonial era name just as unique as their ingredients. 

One of their most popular flavors, the “Alexander Hamilton’s Not Throwing Away My Scoop”. This flavor contains chocolate ice cream with chunks of New York cheesecake with both graham and chocolate cookie crust chunks and a chocolate fudge swirl. 

See the full menu here.

Our Take:

Brooker’s Founding Flavors Ice Cream lives up to the hype. You don’t have to be a culinary expert to taste the difference that the high butterfat percentage gives. The ice cream is rich and creamy and it's clear they don't cut any corners when it comes to delivering the highest quality ice cream.

We tried the “Patrick Henry’s Give Me Chocolate or Give Me Death”, “Franklin’s Black Raspberry Republic, If You Can Keep It” and (because Hamilton recently came out on Disney+) “Alexander Hamilton’s Not Throwing Away My Scoop”. Every flavor left us wanting more! We even sampled some of the vegan options and were blown away by the taste! 


Kiddie: $2.50

Small: $4.00

Regular: $6.00

Large: $8.00




Vineyard - 568 N Mill Rd a101, Orem, UT 84059
Provo - 748 E 820 N, Provo, UT 84606

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