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best ice cream in utah county

The 8 Best Ice Cream Shops in Utah County (According to the People)

Jake Hansen

The battle for the best ice cream in Utah County is in the books. The people have spoken, and...drumroll please...Bru...

BYU Creamery

Trent Howard

The BYU Creamery has been a Provo staple since 1949 and serves more than 191,000 gallons of ice cream each year. Orig...

Mora Iced Creamery

Jake Hansen

Mora Iced Creamery is all about high-quality ice cream and fresh ingredients. Specializing in old-world flavors like ...

Rockwell Ice Cream Co

Trent Howard

Rockwell Ice Cream Co. is the brainchild of Justin Williams who grew up making homemade ice cream with his family and...

Leatherby's Family Creamery

Jake Hansen

Leatherby's Family Creamery is a restaurant-style ice cream shop that's fun for the whole family. They offer huge por...

Bruster's Real Ice Cream

Trent Howard

Damon and Michelle Wood were 1800 miles away from Provo, Utah when they decided to make ice cream their living. They ...

Roll With It Creamery

Kayli Hansen

Roll With It Creamery is a unique ice cream shop in Utah County. They specialize in high-quality, Thai-style, rolled ...

William's Dairy Bar

Jake Hansen

William’s Dairy Bar is a brand new soft-serve ice cream shop that opened just a few months ago in May 2020. It’s the...

The Great Utah Ice Cream Crawl (Utah County Edition)

Trent Howard

Utah has a lot of great things to offer, and one of those things is ice cream. At Skeehive, we’re on a mission to det...
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