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William's Dairy Bar

William’s Dairy Bar is a brand new soft-serve ice cream shop that opened just a few months ago in May 2020. It’s the brainchild of a man named Jacob who based the concept on a soft-serve  shop in his hometown in northern Virginia. He took his future wife Madeline home to meet the fam and to grab some of the famous soft-serve, and the rest is history. After training with the owner and learning his secrets, they’ve now realized their dream of bringing delicious gourmet soft-serve to Utah. 

Fun fact— the dairy bar is actually named after Jacob and Madeline’s little son, William. 

See the full story here.

About their menu:

William’s Dairy Bar has a flavor of the week as well as several standard and unique options. Available flavors include vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, black cherry, butter pecan, and even green apple and rootbeer. 

For toppings, you can choose brownie batter, caramel, hot fudge, or even fruity pebbles, gummy worms, or toasted coconut. 

Creamy gourmet soft-serve is their specialty, but it’s only the beginning. William’s Dairy Bar also offers milkshakes, sundaes, banana splits and an oreo ice cream sandwich. And don’t forget ice cream cakes. 

You want shaved ice? Yep, they’ve got that too. Floats, freezes, or even a Pepsi? You can find it all at William’s Dairy Bar.

See the full menu here.

Our Take:

The ice cream was very rich and you could just tell it's high quality. Gourmet for sure. Very smooth and incredibly tasty. We tried the peanut butter flavor and it tasted just like real peanut butter. They use real, high-quality non-artificial ingredients. Some of the best soft-serve we've ever tasted.


Prices are very reasonable, with a mini cone starting at $1.99. 


Monday - Thursday: 1PM-10PM

Friday - Saturday: 11AM-11PM

Sunday: Closed




490 North Freedom Blvd, Provo, UT 84601


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  • I am from Canada and this place is best ice cream place in the world.

    Sekhar Dahal

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