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Horseshoe Canyon: A Hidden Gem

Kayli Hansen

Horseshoe Canyon is a remote canyon in southeastern Utah. While it’s a journey to get to the trailhead, the payoff at...

Hiking Coyote Gulch: Why this Beautiful Hike is a Must

Kayli Hansen

Coyote Gulch is a gorgeous hike down one of the major tributaries to the Escalante River. Because of its spectacular ...

Explore Beautiful Provo Canyon: Everything You Need to Know

Jake Hansen

Cabin fever’s no joke. Thankfully the great Utah outdoors are ready and waiting to provide the refreshment and natura...

Get to Know the Beautiful Lake Powell

Kayli Hansen

Thinking about visiting Lake Powell? Then hopefully this article will provide some helpful information and help you p...

Fish Lake Utah: One of Utah’s Hidden Gems

Kayli Hansen

Looking to experience Utah’s pristine natural beauty but don’t want to pay park fees or worry about passing too many ...

Utah’s Top 10 Waterfall Hikes

Trent Howard

Socially distancing. It sure has been a treat, am I right (cue sarcastic eye roll)? While it hasn’t been the brightes...
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