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In late 2019 my (Tanner Frederiksen’s) then coworker Trent Howard came to me with an idea. “I want to start a t-shirt company all about Utah,” he said. Despite my earnest but failed attempts at selling shirts via Amazon Merch, I was intrigued. We thought the hyper-focus on Utah was a good business idea, but we also wanted Skeehive (a combination of “ski” and “beehive”) to be more than just a t-shirt company. We wanted to show the world what Utah is all about. 

Trent and our lead designer Jordan Stewart both grew up in Utah and have loved it since they were children. I grew up in Boise, Idaho, but visited Utah many times to see siblings in college and eventually came to learn, work, and live here myself. Utah is beautiful. It has the variety of all four seasons and mountains for climbing and skiing. Its rivers and deserts are cathartic and inspiring. It’s truly unmatched for natural beauty. That being said, Utah is also kind of a weird place. A large part of the population belongs to one religious sect and the state’s very liberal and urban capital is surrounded by a very conservative and rural population. There are cultural norms here that would baffle people from other states (try asking for fry sauce in Alabama, it doesn’t go so well), but we love it just the same. We love Utah for all its beauty and its quirks. We love Utah for what it is: a beautiful, strange, and great place to be.


Tanner Frederiksen
Co-Founder, Social Media Czar, Idea Man

Originally from Boise, ID, Tanner has lived permanently in the Beehive state since 2015. His dream job is to be a writer for The Onion. He has a satire Instagram account called Fake News, Real World and enjoys creating content for Instagram and YouTube. He’s an avid tennis player, passionate Whose Line Is It Anyway fan, and adequate intermediate skier.


Trent Howard
Co-Founder, Website Architect, SEO Master, Real MVP

A native of Pleasant Grove, Trent has spent his whole life in Utah. He has a Bachelors in Communications from BYU and would like everyone to know that he is a division IV intramural basketball champion and has the t-shirt to prove it. He’s planned and hosted over a dozen murder mystery parties and is a passionate thrifter. Trent is married with two kids and one of the proudest moments of his life was when a video of his son was featured on the Utah Jazz social media pages.


Jordan Stewart
Lead Designer, Artistic Director, Creative Genius

Jordan is an Orem native who has lived his entire life in the great state of Utah. He graduated from BYU with a BFA in illustration. A passionate storyteller, Jordan is currently writing and illustrating his own book! One of his favorite memories is when he and Trent entered themselves into the Strawberry Days parade after winning the division IV intramural basketball championship and threw out old t-shirts to people.

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