The Border Crisis Unfolding in the United States

Utah’s senators, Mike Lee and Mitt Romney, have expressed strong criticism of President Joe Biden’s handling of border security. As border patrol encounters reach unprecedented numbers, with nearly 270,000 per month and 2.5 million per year, Lee and Romney have voiced their concerns about the situation.

Senator Lee’s Visit to the Southern Border

Senator Mike Lee recently visited the southern border to gain firsthand insight into the issue. He highlighted the severity of the crisis, stating that people from around the world were pouring across the borders every day, including individuals whose intentions may not be in the best interest of the United States. Lee emphasized the urgent need for a secure border to protect national security.

Increasing Dangers at the Border

During his visit, Lee discovered that the Biden administration’s policies have left the border porous, allowing migrants from various countries, including China, Albania, Syria, and Afghanistan, to enter the United States. This trend highlights the worsening situation at the border in recent years.

Senator Romney’s Criticism of Secretary Mayorkas

Senator Mitt Romney addressed Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas during a hearing and questioned why actionable solutions to the growing wave of illegal immigration had not been proposed by the agency. Romney pointed out the spike in illegal border crossings, which coincided with the Biden administration’s beginning and Mayorkas’ tenure in office. He criticized Mayorkas for failing to enact effective policies to solve the crisis.

The Alarming Numbers of Illegal Crossings

The border encounters at the southwestern border have reached record-breaking levels. In fiscal year 2023, over 2,475,000 border encounters were recorded, exceeding the previous year’s record by 4%. September 2023 saw the highest number of border encounters ever recorded in the United States, with nearly 270,000 encounters in a single month. Additionally, more than 600,000 migrants successfully evaded Border Patrol agents, indicating a significant problem.

The Urgent Need for Action

Both Lee and Romney have called for immediate action to address the border crisis. They believe that simple changes in policy, achievable within existing laws, could effectively curb illegal immigration and protect the country. Lee has urged the reinstatement of the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy, also known as the Migrant Protection Protocols, which forced asylum-seekers to await court dates in Mexico.

Addressing Biden’s Inaction

Romney has criticized the Biden administration for its failure to enact commonsense policies to address the crisis and protect the country. He emphasized that the current administration’s inaction has only made matters worse.

The voices of Utah senators Mike Lee and Mitt Romney add to the ongoing debate surrounding the border crisis. As the numbers continue to rise and concerns about national security persist, it remains to be seen what actions will be taken to mitigate the situation and secure the border.