It’s that time of year again when the air is full of excitement and children and adults alike don their costumes and makeup for a night of Halloween fun. But have you ever wondered how these traditions came to be? Well, one woman played a key role in shaping Halloween as we know it today. Meet Mrs. Elizabeth Krebs, often referred to as the mother of Halloween.

How Did Parades and Parties Become Part of Halloween?

Halloween celebrations in the early 1900s were quite different from what we experience today. Back then, children and teenagers would engage in mischievous activities and cause havoc on people’s property. But Mrs. Krebs had a brilliant idea to redirect their energy.

As the founder of the Hiawatha Garden Club in Hiawatha, Kansas, Mrs. Krebs decided to organize the town’s very first Halloween party and parade. She wanted to distract the children and teenagers from destroying the town’s gardens, which had become a common occurrence on Halloween night.

Initially, some thought Mrs. Krebs’s ideas were foolish, but eventually, other communities joined in, and organizations like the Chamber of Commerce provided support and sponsorship. Over time, Halloween festivities, including parties, costume parades, and music and food, became a beloved tradition in Kansas and other places.

The Biggest Halloween Parade in the United States

One of the largest Halloween gatherings in the United States is the Village Halloween Parade in New York City, as reported by USA Today.

The parade began as a neighborhood house-to-house walk for Ralph Lee’s children and their friends. Ralph Lee, a Greenwich Village puppeteer, initiated this event, which has since grown into a massive celebration.

While the Village Halloween Parade holds this distinction, Utah has recently captured attention on social media due to its “Barbie”-themed neighborhoods. In one particular neighborhood in Utah, homeowners have transformed their houses with Barbie-inspired decorations, creating a unique and vibrant Halloween experience.

Homeowner Jamie Paladini expressed excitement about the Barbie-themed neighborhood, saying, “We all love what we’ve created. We just want it to be safe and, you know, a good experience for everyone.”