What are the best states to own a dog?

Ranking the Dog-Friendliest States

When it comes to owning a dog, some states are more Fido-friendly than others. A recent ranking by InsuranceRanked revealed that Western states dominate the list of the best places to live if you’re a dog owner. The ranking considered factors such as access to parks and nature, dog-friendly rentals, veterinarians per capita, number of dog sitters, and state crime rates. So, for dog lovers out West, these states offer the perfect blend of dog-friendly amenities and outdoor recreation.

Vermont: The Ultimate Haven for Dog Owners

At the top of the list is Vermont, known as the best state for dog owners. Vermont scored high for its access to veterinarians and dog sitters, with an impressive 62 veterinarians per 100,000 residents (56.5% above the state average). It also ranked fourth for the highest number of dog sitters per 100,000 residents with a score of 16.73. With the highest total score among all five factors, Vermont emerged as the ultimate haven for dog owners.

Colorado: A Paradise for Dog Sitting

Colorado secured the second spot on the list, thanks to its high score in the dog sitter category. With 24 registered dog sitters per 100,000 residents (over 251% higher than the state average of seven), Colorado offers abundant options for dog owners to find reliable care for their furry companions.

Wyoming: Open Spaces and Dog-Friendly Living

Next on the list is Wyoming, which stood out not only for its number of dog sitters but also for its vast open spaces. The state boasts a staggering ratio of 9.8 citizens per kilometer of parks and wildlife areas, which is over 6,838% lower than the state average of 680 citizens. This means plenty of outdoor adventures and room for dogs to roam freely.

Utah and Idaho: Western States for Nature-Loving Dog Owners

Utah and Idaho secured the seventh and eighth spots, respectively, on the list of best states for dog owners. These states offer high scores in the nature category, which comes as no surprise considering the abundance of outdoor recreational activities available in the West. Dog owners in Utah and Idaho can enjoy exploring the beautiful landscapes with their canine companions.

The Full Ranking

  1. Vermont — Scores of 7.2 for nature, 4.51 for dog-friendly rentals, 10 for veterinarians, 9.4 for dog sitters, and 7.93 for safety.
  2. Colorado — Scores of 8.4 for nature, 8.18 for dog-friendly rentals, 6.44 for veterinarians, 10 for dog sitters, and 4.95 for safety.
  3. Wyoming — Scores of 9.8 for nature, 5.01 for dog-friendly rentals, 5.58 for veterinarians, 10 for dog sitters, and 7.2 for safety.
  4. Oregon — Scores of 8 for nature, 5.1 for dog-friendly rentals, 5.85 for veterinarians, 10 for dog sitters, and 6.52 for safety.
  5. Washington — Scores of 7.8 for nature, 5.72 for dog-friendly rentals, 4.25 for veterinarians, 10 for dog sitters, and 6.49 for safety.
  6. Montana — Scores of 9.6 for nature, 4.69 for dog-friendly rentals, 8.04 for veterinarians, 4.75 for dog sitters, and 4.39 for safety.
  7. Utah — Scores of 8.8 for nature, 6.82 for dog-friendly rentals, 2.61 for veterinarians, 5.1 for dog sitters, and 6.89 for safety.
  8. Idaho — Scores of 9.4 for nature, 6.12 for dog-friendly rentals, 4.16 for veterinarians, 2.96 for dog sitters, and 7.1 for safety.
  9. Maine — Scores of 6 for nature, 4.21 for dog-friendly rentals, 6 for veterinarians, 4.47 for dog sitters, and 8.7 for safety.
  10. Arizona — Scores of 8.4 for nature, 9.48 for dog-friendly rentals, 3.28 for veterinarians, 3.85 for dog sitters, and 4.21 for safety.

So if you’re a dog owner looking for the perfect place to settle down, consider one of these dog-friendly states out West. From beautiful nature and dog-friendly rentals to a wide array of veterinarians and dog sitters, these states offer everything you and your furry friend need for a happy and fulfilling life together.