Efforts to Conserve Water in Ivins Recognized

City of Ivins Receives 2023 Water Conservation Award

The city of Ivins, Utah, has been honored by the Utah governor’s office with the prestigious 2023 Water Conservation Award. This recognition comes as a result of the city’s outstanding efforts in water conservation.

Ivins Mayor Chris Hart greeted by Gov. Spencer Cox

Ivins Mayor Chris Hart and Public Works Director Chuck Gillette accepted the award from Governor Spencer Cox during the One Utah Summit in Cedar City on October 3.

The city of Ivins has made tremendous progress in water conservation, reducing water usage by 38% per capita since the year 2000, despite a 105% increase in population according to the U.S. Census. This significant reduction in water consumption showcases Ivins’ commitment to sustainability and resource management.

“It feels nice to be recognized,” Gillette told St. George News. “It certainly does motivate Ivins City to continue down the path of conservation.”

Future of Water Conservation in Ivins

Ivins is not stopping with this achievement but is planning for an even greener future. The city is currently discussing a new water conservation plan that aims to reduce water usage by an additional 10% by 2032, through the implementation of real-time water metering. A public hearing on this plan is scheduled to take place at the Ivins City Council’s meeting on Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

This recognition and the ongoing efforts of Ivins in water conservation highlight the city’s commitment to sustainability and inspire other communities to follow suit. Ivins is setting an example for the rest of Utah and the nation in smart water management.

Ivins: A Model of Smart Water Management

The city of Ivins gained national attention earlier this year when CNN hailed it as a “model of smart water management.” In February, Ivins hosted a water town hall meeting where residents engaged in a discussion about decisions and initiatives concerning water conservation. This recognition solidifies Ivins’ position as a leader in sustainable water management.

This is not the first time Ivins has received the Water Conservation Award, having also won it in 2018. The city’s consistent dedication to water conservation sets a benchmark for other communities across the state of Utah.

As Utah continues to face water scarcity issues, Ivins serves as a shining example of responsible water usage and serves as an inspiration for other cities to pursue similar efforts. With its commitment to water conservation and sustainability, Ivins is leading the way towards a more efficient and environmentally conscious future.