Provo City School District Struggles with Test Scores

On Tuesday, the Utah State Board of Education released the School Report Card, which provides an overview of each school’s performance and areas that need improvement. Unfortunately, the Provo City School District has shown a decline in test scores, particularly in English, math, and science.

Superintendent Wendy Dau acknowledges the need for improvement, stating that the district is committed to better outcomes for all students. She understands that these data points do not tell the whole story but believes they are important indicators for identifying areas where the district can improve.

Understanding the Utah School Report Card

The Utah School Report Card is designed to provide parents with insights into school performance indicators, such as achievement and growth. It allows individuals to examine the strengths and weaknesses of their community schools.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Sydnee Dickson encourages parents and community members to review the report card and engage in discussions about improving education. The online tool aims to support transparency and continuous improvement.

Test Results and Achievement Percentage

Each spring, students in the Provo District are assessed on their understanding of concepts and skills taught in the classroom, aligned with the Utah State Standards. Unfortunately, the 2022-2023 school year report card revealed lower achievement percentages in English, math, and science compared to the state average:

  • English: 45% compared to the state average of 46%. This represents a decline from 54.7% in the previous year.
  • Math: 26% compared to the state average of 31%. This is lower than the 30.6% recorded in the previous year.
  • Science: 30% compared to the state average of 35%. The percentage remained consistent with the previous year’s data.

Disparities in Achievement by Race

The report also emphasizes disparities in achievement among different racial groups within the Provo District:

  • Caucasian students: 58%
  • Asian students: 54%
  • Multiracial students: 49%
  • Hispanic students: 21%
  • Pacific Islander students: 22%
  • Black/African American students: 25%

These numbers highlight the need for further examination and support to ensure equitable educational opportunities for all students.

Tracking Attendance Rates

Despite the challenges in test scores, the report indicates an improvement in student attendance. This positive trend shows that students are more engaged and committed to their education.

Schools are also given the opportunity to showcase successful programs or practices that support students. While these indicators are not factored into accountability calculations, they provide additional insights into the efforts made by schools to improve student outcomes.

Accessing the Full Report

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the School Report Card and the performance of individual schools, visit

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