A 63-year-old Utah woman is fighting for her life after being attacked by a pack of pit bulls in her own backyard. The incident occurred in Taylorsville, Utah, and has left the woman with critical injuries, including a leg amputation. The attack took place on Tuesday afternoon when the woman called the police for help.

The Attack

The woman reported that she had been attacked and bitten by several dogs owned by her 38-year-old son, who lived with her. The pack of dogs consisted of seven pit bulls, including a mother and father, as well as their five puppies. When the police and paramedics arrived at the scene, they were aggressively greeted by the pack and found the injured woman still surrounded.

Rescue Operation

Authorities used pepper spray to contain the dogs in a group while paramedics entered the yard to reach the woman. In the process, a fence had to be broken. The victim was quickly transported to the hospital, where it was determined that one of her legs had to be amputated. She also suffered extensive injuries to her legs, hands, and face.

Prompt Emergency Response

Police Chief Brady Cottam expressed the tragic nature of the incident but commended the victim for her quick thinking. Thanks to her ability to call 911 for help while the attack was happening, her life may have been saved.

Escalation and Fatality

After the woman was safely removed from the yard, animal control officers attempted to approach the two adult dogs. Unfortunately, the mother dog managed to break loose from the contained group, prompting the police to shoot and kill the dog. The officials determined that the female dog posed a risk to both the police and animal control officers present at the scene.

Investigation and Violations

The remaining five puppies and the father dog were handed over to the West Valley City Animal Services for further investigation. Taylorsville city leaders pointed out two violations: first, the city only allows a maximum of two dogs per household, and second, none of the pets involved in the attack were licensed, which is a requirement for dogs over four months old in the city.

This tragic incident serves as a reminder to always prioritize safety when it comes to owning and managing dogs, as well as adhering to local regulations to prevent such incidents from happening again.