Damon and Michelle Wood were 1800 miles away from Provo, Utah when they decided to make ice cream their living. They were in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and had just tasted Bruster’s ice cream for the first time. From that moment forward they started to make a plan—make ice cream their living. 

In June 2019, that dream became a reality as they opened up the door—I mean window—to the first Bruster’s Real Ice Cream in Utah. The location doesn’t have an indoor area, but rather you order at a window and can either take your delicious ice cream to go or enjoy it on the patio, which includes umbrellas for shade in the summer and outdoor heaters in the winter.  

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream makes their ice cream fresh daily in the store. It’s never put in a deep freeze, which keeps the texture smooth and creamy without those annoying ice crystals. 

About their menu:

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream has created over 150 different flavors, though only about 25 are available on their menu. Some of their most popular include New York Cheesecake, Almond Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Mudslide and many other seasonal flavors.

They not only offer premium ice cream, but also yogurt, sorbet, ices, sherberts and even non-dairy options! 

See the full list of flavors here.

B.Y.O.B. Thursdays

Every Thursday, Bruster’s holds “bring your own banana (B.Y.O.B.) Thursday” where if, yep you guessed it, you bring your own banana for them to use, you get half off your banana split. EVERY SINGLE THURSDAY! Their banana split is no joke either! Multiple scoops of ice cream with bananas, whipped cream and topped with a cherry!

Free Baby Cones for Anyone Shorter than 40 Inches

Do you have a couple of young kiddos and don’t want to break the bank getting a fun treat? Bruster’s has you covered, as they give out a free baby cone which includes a scoop of any flavor topped off with sprinkles and even candy eyes that make it look like a cute little ice cream monster to anyone who is shorter than 40 inches! 

Doggie Sundaes

No need to leave your best friend outside the next time you drop by Bruster’s. Bring your dog with you and they’ll be hooked up with a free Doggie Sundae which is exactly what it sounds like, a dog-friendly ice cream treat.

Our Take:

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream is rich, smooth and creamery. We tried the strawberry, graham canyon and banana split with zero complaints. The ice cream and waffle cones are made in the store daily and you can practically taste the freshness when you take your first bite. 


Prices are very reasonable, with kids/small cones starting around $3.00. 


Monday – Thursday: 12PM-10PM

Friday – Saturday: 12PM-11PM

Sunday: 12PM-9PM




2255 UT-265, Provo, UT 84604