Places to Eat in Utah

We scour every corner of Utah to uncover the most delicious and unique dining experiences, sharing our finds with you so that you can indulge in the best food that the state has to offer.

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305, 2023

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream | Highlight

Damon and Michelle Wood were 1800 miles away from Provo, Utah when they decided to make ice cream their living. They were in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and had just tasted Bruster’s ice cream for the first time. From that moment forward they started to make a plan—make ice cream their living.  In June 2019, that dream became a reality as they opened up the door—I mean window—to the first Bruster’s Real Ice Cream in Utah. The location doesn’t have an indoor area, but rather you order at a [...]

305, 2023

BYU Creamery | Highlight

The BYU Creamery has been a Provo staple since 1949 and serves more than 191,000 gallons of ice cream each year. Originally only selling milk, the creamery soon began selling ice cream, cheeses, and other dairy products produced by BYU. The most popular location, Creamery on Ninth East, opened in August of 2000. The BYU Creamery has five total locations throughout the Provo area. Fun fact — BYU's building block system abbreviates the Creamery on Ninth East as CONE. See the full story here. About their menu: [...]

305, 2023

Rockwell Ice Cream Co | Highlight

Rockwell Ice Cream Co. is the brainchild of Justin Williams who grew up making homemade ice cream with his family and dreamed of owning his own ice cream business. It has since become a dessert destination in Provo (and has expanded to Daybreak and even crossed the Utah border to Gilbert, Arizona).  Paramount to Rockwell’s success has been a combination of their high quality ingredients and unique flavors. Rockwell sources their custom ice cream mix from nearby dairies, their honey comes from Delta, and their floral flavors [...]

305, 2023

Brooker’s Fouding Flavors | Highlight

Brooker’s Founding Flavors Ice Cream is the realization of Brian Brooker’s (founder) longtime dream of starting a homemade ice cream business. After years of learning about the craft and developing unique and original flavors, Brian traded in his career in law to pursue ice cream full time. Brain and his wife Jamie opened up their first Brooker’s location in 2018 in Vineyard. It quickly grew in popularity, and just over a year later they opened their second location in Provo.  Brooker’s American history theme goes beyond just [...]

305, 2023

Top 10 Local Utah County Restaurants with Take Out or Delivery

Utah County, easily the least creative named county in Utah. Don’t let that fool you though. Where it lacks in creativity and pizzazz with its name, Utah County makes up tenfold with the variety and selection of mouth-watering, local restaurants around just about every corner. With so many choices we put together a list of the top local restaurants that offer takeout or delivery so you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home. This is especially good to know since we are all currently [...]

305, 2023

A Sweet Taste of Home: Leatherby’s Family-Owned Ice Cream in Utah

Leatherby's Family Creamery is a restaurant-style ice cream shop that's fun for the whole family. They offer huge portions served in a gorgeous, over-the-top presentation style that is tough to beat. The creamery was born in Sacramento, California in 1982 when “Daddy Dave” Leatherby and his wife Sally wanted to bring the joy and happiness of ice cream to all. The first franchise location was in Taylorsville, Utah. Leatherby’s has long been a staple in Salt Lake valley, and now it’s come to Orem, located in the [...]


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