If you are an adrenaline junkie and looking for a thrilling adventure in the snow, Utah is the place to be. With its vast mountain ranges and abundant snowfall, Utah offers some of the best snowmobiling experiences in the world. In this article, we will take you through some of the best snowmobile trails in Utah that will help you “send it” in style.

Planning Your Snowmobiling Trip to Utah

Before we dive into the details of the best snowmobiling trails in Utah, let’s take a moment to discuss what you need to plan your trip. First and foremost, you need to rent a snowmobile. There are many rental shops in Utah that offer high-quality snowmobiles for rent. You should also make sure that you have proper snowmobiling gear, including a helmet, gloves, and goggles.

It is important to note that snowmobiling can be dangerous, especially if you are new to the activity. Therefore, it is recommended that you take a snowmobiling course before hitting the trails. Additionally, you should always check the weather conditions before heading out and make sure that you have a map and a GPS device with you.

Why Utah is a Snowmobiling Paradise

Utah’s climate and geography make it the perfect place for snowmobiling. With an average annual snowfall of 500 inches and varied terrain that includes mountains, valleys, and plateaus, snowmobilers can enjoy endless hours of snowmobiling in Utah. In addition, Utah’s snowmobiling industry is well-developed, with many outfitters and rental facilities offering top-notch snowmobiling gear and equipment.

Snowmobiling in Utah is also advantageous because of the state’s abundance of public land. With over 22 million acres of public land, snowmobilers have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding the perfect trail. Additionally, Utah’s snowmobiling trails are well-maintained and clearly marked, ensuring that even novice snowmobilers can easily navigate their way through Utah’s stunning winter landscapes.

Snowmobile Safety in Utah

Snowmobiling can be a fun and exhilarating experience, but it’s important to prioritize safety when hitting the trails. In Utah, snowmobilers are required to wear helmets and eye protection while riding, and all snowmobiles must be registered with the state.

To further ensure safety, snowmobilers should also make sure to bring appropriate safety gear, including warm clothing, boots, and gloves. It’s also important to be aware of weather conditions before heading out on the trails, as sudden storms or high winds can make snowmobiling dangerous.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to bring a fully charged cellphone and a map or GPS device when snowmobiling in Utah, as many trails are located in remote areas without cellphone service.

Top Snowmobile Trails in Utah

Utah has a wide variety of snowmobiling trails, each with its own unique scenery and challenges. Here are six of the best snowmobile trails in Utah:

Smith and Morehouse Trail

If you’re looking for a challenging trail that takes you through beautiful and remote areas of Utah, the Smith and Morehouse Trail is perfect for you. This trail is located near Park City and is 27 miles long, offering plenty of opportunities for exploring the surrounding forests, valleys, and mountains. Be prepared to navigate steep inclines and declines, narrow passes, and some deep snowdrifts. The scenery is worth the effort, with breathtaking views of the Uinta Mountains and the Kamas Valley.

Strawberry River Trail

For those who want to combine snowmobiling with fishing, the Strawberry River Trail is an excellent choice. This trail follows the Strawberry River and takes you through scenic forests and meadows, with ample opportunities to spot wildlife along the way. The trail is approximately 30 miles long and is located near Heber City. The highlight of this trail is the Strawberry Reservoir, a popular fishing spot that is home to rainbow, cutthroat, and brown trout. Make sure to bring your fishing gear and enjoy some ice fishing during your snowmobiling adventure

Daniel Summit Lodge Trail

Located near Heber City, the Daniel Summit Lodge Trail is a great option for those who want to combine snowmobiling with some relaxation at a lodge. This trail is 40 miles long and takes you through scenic valleys and ridges, with stunning views of Mount Timpanogos and the Wasatch Mountains. The highlight of this trail is the Daniel Summit Lodge, a rustic and cozy lodge that offers delicious food, warm drinks, and a hot tub to soothe your muscles after a long day of snowmobiling.


Utah’s snowmobile trails offer something for everyone, from beginners to experts, and from those who want a leisurely ride to those who crave a challenging adventure. With breathtaking scenery, ample wildlife, and cozy lodges, snowmobiling in Utah is an experience you won’t forget. So, grab your gear, hop on your snowmobile, and send it in style on Utah’s best snowmobile trails.


Do you need a snowmobile license in Utah?

Yes, you need a snowmobile license to operate a snowmobile in Utah. You can obtain a license by taking a snowmobiling course.

Is Utah good for snowmobiling?

Yes, Utah is one of the best destinations for snowmobiling in the world. The state offers a wide variety of snowmobiling trails, with varying difficulty levels.

How much is snowmobiling in Utah?

The cost of snowmobiling in Utah varies depending on the rental shop and the duration of the rental. On average, you can expect to pay around $150-$200 for a full-day rental.

When can you start snowmobiling in Utah?

The snowmobiling season in Utah typically starts in mid-December and lasts until early April. However, the exact dates may vary depending on the weather conditions.