Utah is home to a wide range of wildlife, but few species are as majestic and awe-inspiring as the bald eagle. These birds of prey can be seen throughout the state, but some spots offer better viewing opportunities than others. Whether you’re an experienced birder or a casual nature enthusiast, finding the best places to spot bald eagles in Utah is key. In this article, we’ll explore the top spots to view these magnificent birds, as well as some tips for successful bald eagle spotting.

The Habits and Characteristics of Bald Eagles

Before we dive into the best places to spot bald eagles in Utah, it’s important to understand a bit about their habits and characteristics. Bald eagles are easily recognizable due to their distinctive white heads and tails, as well as their impressive wingspan of up to 7 feet. These birds of prey are also known for their keen eyesight, which allows them to spot prey from great distances.

Bald eagles are found throughout North America, and they typically live near bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, and coastlines. They feed primarily on fish, but they also hunt small mammals and other birds. Bald eagles are known for their impressive flying abilities, which allow them to soar through the air for long periods of time without flapping their wings.

Top Places to Spot Bald Eagles in Utah

If you want to increase your chances of spotting bald eagles in Utah, here are some of the best places to visit:

1. Antelope Island State Park

Antelope Island State Park is located on the Great Salt Lake, and it is home to a variety of wildlife, including bald eagles. Visitors can hike or bike the park’s trails to spot these majestic birds, or take a kayak or paddleboard out onto the lake to see them from the water.

2. Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge

Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge is a wetland oasis in the middle of the Utah desert, and it is a great place to see bald eagles. Visitors can hike the refuge’s trails or drive the auto tour route to spot these birds, as well as a variety of other wildlife.

3. Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge is located near the Utah-Idaho border, and it is a popular spot for birdwatchers. In addition to bald eagles, visitors can see a variety of waterfowl and other birds at the refuge.

4. Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area is a popular destination for outdoor recreation, and it is also home to bald eagles. Visitors can hike, fish, boat, or camp in the area while keeping an eye out for these magnificent birds.

5. Jordanelle State Park

Jordanelle State Park is located near Park City, and it is a popular spot for boating and fishing. Visitors can also spot bald eagles in the area, especially during the winter months when they migrate to Utah.

With these locations in mind, you can plan your next adventure to spot bald eagles in Utah.

Come Spot the Eagles

Bald eagles are a symbol of America’s strength and resilience, and they are a fascinating species to observe in the wild. Utah is home to a healthy population of bald eagles, and there are many great places to spot them throughout the state. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you can enjoy the beauty and majesty of these birds by exploring the natural habitats they call home.


How common are bald eagles in Utah?

  1. Bald eagles are relatively common in Utah, with an estimated population of around 500-700 birds.

What kind of eagles are in Utah?

  1. In addition to bald eagles, Utah is also home to golden eagles, which are slightly larger and have dark brown feathers.

Are there bald eagles in Zion National Park?

  1. While bald eagles have been spotted in Zion National Park on occasion, they are not a common sight in the area.

How many eagles live in Utah?

  1. There is no exact count of how many eagles live in Utah, but estimates range from 500-700 birds.

What state has most bald eagles?

  1. Alaska has the highest population of bald eagles in the United States, with an estimated 30,000 birds.