When considering what to do in Estes Park, Colorado, one cannot overlook the plethora of activities and attractions that cater to a diverse range of interests. Situated amidst the majestic Rocky Mountains, this delightful village presents a remarkable journey for both outdoor aficionados and those looking for an unwinding retreat.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various accommodations in Estes Park such as the historic Stanley Hotel and riverside cabins at The Inn on Fall River. Downtown attractions include shopping centers, candy shops, beer tasting tours, and mini-golf adventures.

For those wondering what to do in Estes Park with an inclination towards outdoor pursuits; white water rafting excursions, hiking trails leading up to Emerald Lake or marina rentals for fishing opportunities await your discovery. Moreover, riding tours offered by local outfitters provide unique horseback experiences through picturesque landscapes.

Last but not least; enrich your visit with courses at Colorado Mountain School or delve into history by visiting Enos Mills Cabin Museum Tour and MacGregor Ranch Museum Experience. Finally – don’t miss out on the stunning views from Prospect Mountain via a thrilling ride on the Estes Park Aerial Tramway Adventure!

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Estes Park Accommodations: Where to Stay

Estes Park has a variety of accommodations to choose from, including the historic Stanley Hotel, WorldMark Estes Park, The Inn on Fall River & Fall River Cabins, and Blue Door Inn. Each option provides a unique experience to suit different preferences.

The Stanley Hotel: A Famous Landmark with a Rich History

This iconic landmark is renowned not only for its exquisite design but also as the muse behind Stephen King’s classic horror novel “The Shining.” Guests can indulge in deluxe accommodations, scrumptious dining options, and even join one of their captivating ghost tours. (source)

WorldMark Estes Park: Spacious Suites for Families or Groups

Ideal for those traveling with family or friends, WorldMark Estes Park offers spacious condo-style accommodations equipped with full kitchens and living areas. At WorldMark Estes Park, guests can take advantage of the resort’s outdoor pool, hot tubs, and barbecue grills for a truly enjoyable stay. (source)

The Inn on Fall River & Fall River Cabins: Riverside Cabins and Rooms

Nestled along the banks of Fall River, these cozy cabins provide guests with an authentic mountain getaway experience. With private decks overlooking the river and easy access to nearby hiking trails at Rocky Mountain National Park, this accommodation option is perfect for nature lovers seeking tranquility during their stay in Estes Park. (source)

Explore Downtown Estes Park

Estes Park is not just about the great outdoors, it also has a vibrant downtown with plenty of attractions and activities to keep you entertained.

Shop ’til You Drop

Stroll down Elkhorn Avenue and discover a variety of unique boutiques, galleries, and souvenir shops. Indulge in the many sugary treats available at local candy shops, such as homemade fudge and taffy.

Movie Magic

Step back in time and catch a movie at the historic Park Theatre, which has been entertaining visitors since 1913. Marvel at the stunning architecture and modern amenities of the Park Theatre, an entertainment hub since 1913.

Beer Bliss

Unwind with a beer tasting tour through downtown Estes Park. Visit popular breweries such as Rock Cut Brewing Company and Lumpy Ridge Brewing Co., where you can sample signature craft beers and learn about the brewing process from knowledgeable staff members.

Mini Golf Madness

For some family-friendly fun, head over to Estes Park Ride-A-Kart and challenge your loved ones to a game of mini-golf at Meadow Mini Golf. This beautifully landscaped course offers 18 holes of excitement with water features, bridges, and even a few surprises along the way.

Take a trip to Estes Park and discover the plethora of activities it has to offer – from shopping, entertainment options, or outdoor adventures. Don’t miss out on the fun.

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Outdoor Adventures in Estes Park

For outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore nature’s beauty during their visit to this picturesque location, Estes Park offers a variety of thrilling activities. From white water rafting adventures to hiking trails leading up to Emerald Lake, there is something for everyone.

White Water Rafting Excursions

Estes Park White Water Rafting provides unforgettable experiences on the rapids of Colorado’s rivers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rafter, these guided trips will take you through exhilarating rapids surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Hiking Trails Leading Up To Emerald Lake

For those looking to experience the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park, the Emerald Lake Trail is a must-see, offering an unforgettable 3.5 mile round trip journey past alpine lakes and mountain vistas culminating in the peaceful waters of Emerald Lake. This 3.5-mile round trip hike takes you past beautiful alpine lakes and stunning mountain vistas before reaching the serene waters of Emerald Lake itself.

Marina Rentals And Fishing Opportunities

If fishing is your passion, head over to Lake Estes Marina. Here, visitors can rent kayaks, canoes or paddleboats for some fun out on the water while trying their luck at catching trout and other local fish species. The marina also offers fishing gear rentals and licenses for those who need them.

  • Rentals: Kayaks, Canoes & Paddleboats available at Lake Estes Marina
  • Fishing Gear: Rods, reels & bait available for rent
  • Licenses: Fishing licenses can be purchased at the marina

With so many outdoor activities to choose from in Estes Park, adventure awaits around every corner. Whether you’re tackling white water rapids, hiking up to Emerald Lake or casting a line on Lake Estes, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy the stunning beauty of this Colorado gem. For a family-friendly outing, why not take a spin on the Estes Park Ride-A-Kart or soar high above the town with an aerial tramway ride? Happy exploring.

Key Takeaway: 

Estes Park in Colorado offers a variety of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy white water rafting, hiking trails leading up to Emerald Lake, and fishing opportunities at Lake Estes Marina. With so many options available, adventure awaits around every corner.

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Riding Tours In And Around Town

Estes Park, Colorado is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. For those looking to explore the natural beauty of Estes Park, Colorado, horseback riding tours are a popular option provided by local outfitters such as Estes Park Outfitters. Local outfitters like Estes Park Outfitters offer seasonal adventure packages catering specifically to those interested in exploring Rocky Mountain National Park on horseback.

Established Local Outfitters Offering Horseback Riding Packages

Estes Park Outfitters provides various guided trail rides through scenic areas such as downtown Estes Park, Prospect Mountain, and even along Fall River Road. Riders of all levels, from the novice who desires a tranquil trot through woodlands and meadows to the veteran looking for more strenuous ascents or trails with tight turns, can find their perfect ride.

In addition to traditional trail rides, some outfitters also offer unique experiences like moonlit rides under the stars or romantic sunset treks perfect for couples celebrating special occasions. For families with young children, there are pony rides available at locations such as Estes Park Ride-A-Kart & Cascade Creek Mini-Golf, providing fun things for kids too young to participate in full-length trail adventures.

Unforgettable Experiences

  • Moonlit Rides: Experience the magic of Estes Park’s natural beauty under a star-filled sky during an unforgettable evening ride.
  • Sunset Treks: Enjoy breathtaking views as you ride into the colorful hues of a Rocky Mountain sunset.
  • Pony Rides: A perfect introduction to horseback riding for young children, these short rides offer fun and excitement for the whole family.

Exploring Estes Park on horseback is an unforgettable experience that allows visitors to truly connect with nature while creating lasting memories. Don’t miss out on this opportunity during your next visit. And while you’re here, be sure to check out other outdoor activities such as hiking, driving Trail Ridge Road, or taking a scenic aerial tramway ride at Estes Park Aerial Tramway.

Key Takeaway: 

Estes Park, Colorado is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. One of the most popular activities in this picturesque town is horseback riding tours that allow visitors to explore the beautiful surroundings while atop one of these majestic creatures. Local outfitters like Estes Park Outfitters offer seasonal adventure packages catering specifically to those interested in exploring Rocky Mountain National Park on horseback.

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Courses at Colorado Mountain School

Looking for an adrenaline rush during your visit to downtown Estes Park? Look no further than Colorado Mountain School. This institution offers courses ranging from Intro to Rock Climbing to advanced mountaineering techniques for those seeking a thrilling outdoor experience in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Intro to Rock Climbing Course

Ready to conquer new heights? The Intro to Rock Climbing course is perfect for beginners who want an exciting introduction to the world of rock climbing. Learn essential safety measures, basic climbing techniques, and how to use specialized equipment while exploring Estes Park’s beautiful surroundings. Professional instructors ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time as you take on this challenging yet rewarding activity.

Advanced Mountaineering Techniques

If you’re already familiar with rock climbing and ready for more intense challenges, consider enrolling in one of Colorado Mountain School’s advanced mountaineering courses. These classes cover topics such as alpine ice climbing, mixed terrain adventures, and high-altitude expeditions – all designed for experienced climbers eager to push their limits within Rocky Mountain National Park.

Beyond these offerings, Colorado Mountain School also provides customized guiding services tailored specifically towards your skill level and desired adventure goals. Whether it’s tackling some of Estes Park’s most iconic peaks like Longs Peak or learning valuable wilderness survival skills through backcountry navigation courses, there’s something here for every outdoor enthusiast.

Don’t miss the opportunity to craft amazing experiences while taking in the picturesque scenery of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Start planning your outdoor adventure today.

Attractions in Estes Park

Estes Park, Colorado has a plethora of unique attractions that cater to different interests and age groups. From historical museums to mysterious entertainment venues, there’s something for everyone in this picturesque mountain town.

Enos Mills Cabin Museum Tour

The Enos Mills Cabin Museum provides insights into the life of one of America’s pioneering conservationists who played an essential role in establishing Rocky Mountain National Park. Visitors can tour the original homestead cabin where Enos lived and worked as they learn about his dedication to preserving the natural beauty of the area. This attraction offers a fascinating glimpse into early 20th-century life in Estes Park while celebrating its rich history.

MacGregor Ranch Museum Experience

If you’re interested in exploring more local history, head over to the MacGregor Ranch Museum. This preserved ranch showcases what life was like on a working cattle ranch from the 1870s through today. The museum features original buildings, artifacts, and exhibits that transport visitors back in time as they walk through this historic property nestled at the base of Lumpy Ridge.

Aidan Sinclair’s Underground Shows

Add some mystery-filled entertainment to your visit with Aidan Sinclair’s Underground shows, held at various locations throughout downtown Estes Park. These interactive performances combine magic, mind-reading, and storytelling for an unforgettable experience perfect for girl’s weekends away or family trips alike. Be sure to check out their schedule and book tickets ahead because these popular shows often sell out quickly.

Estes Park is also home to the Estes Park Aerial Tramway, Estes Park Ride-A-Kart, and the Lake Estes Marina, which offer outdoor activities such as boating, go-karting, and scenic tram rides. For a scenic drive, take the Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mountain National Park or the Peak Scenic Byway to Central City. Don’t forget to visit the Stanley Hotel, made famous by Stephen King’s “The Shining,” and stroll down Elkhorn Avenue for some downtown Estes Park shopping.

With its abundance of activities, Estes Park is the ideal spot for a Memorial Day weekend escape. Head to Estes Park for an unforgettable Memorial Day weekend, where you can discover the area’s vibrant heritage and be entertained by amazing shows.

Key Takeaway: 

Estes Park, Colorado offers a variety of attractions for visitors of all ages and interests. From historical museums like the Enos Mills Cabin Museum to mysterious entertainment venues such as Aidan Sinclair’s Underground Shows, there is something for everyone in this mountain town. Other outdoor activities include boating at Lake Estes Marina or taking scenic drives on Trail Ridge Road or Peak Scenic Byway.

Experience the Thrill of Estes Park Aerial Tramway

For an unforgettable experience, take a ride on the Estes Park Aerial Tramway. This attraction is a must-visit for anyone exploring Rocky Mountain National Park or downtown Estes Park. Climb aboard the tram for an unforgettable journey.

Ride to the Top of Prospect Mountain

Take the tram to Prospect Mountain’s summit for a bird’s-eye view of Estes Park, Lake Estes, and the Rocky Mountains. From the summit of Prospect Mountain, you can take in breathtaking vistas of Estes Park downtown, Lake Estes and the majestic Rocky Mountains. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the breathtaking scenery.

Explore Hiking Trails and More

Once you reach the top of Prospect Mountain, there are plenty of fun things to do. Take a short hike to get even more incredible views, or stop by the Summit House Cafe & Gift Shop for a snack and some souvenirs. There’s something for everyone at the Estes Park Aerial Tramway.

Perfect for All Ages and Abilities

Whether you’re traveling with young children or just looking for a unique way to experience Estes Park, the tramway is a great option. For those who don’t have much hiking experience, the breathtaking views from Prospect Mountain are still accessible via the Estes Park Aerial Tramway. Plus, the tramway operates from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ride.

Don’t miss out on the unforgettable experience of the Estes Park Aerial Tramway during your next visit to this charming mountain town. Soak up the breathtaking sights of Estes Park and its environs without any strenuous effort by taking a trip on the remarkable Estes Park Aerial Tramway.

Key Takeaway: 

The Estes Park Aerial Tramway is a must-visit attraction for anyone exploring Rocky Mountain National Park or downtown Estes Park. It takes you over 1,000 feet up to the peak of Prospect Mountain, offering stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area and perfect for all ages and abilities.

FAQs in Relation to What to Do in Estes Park Colorado

What makes Estes Park, Colorado a must-visit destination?

Estes Park is a charming town located at the entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park, offering breathtaking mountain views, abundant wildlife, and a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and horseback riding tours.

Explore downtown’s shops and eateries on Elkhorn Avenue, take an aerial tramway ride up Prospect Mountain for panoramic views, or enjoy snow-based adventures like snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in the winter months.

Don’t miss out on visiting the historic Stanley Hotel or driving the scenic Trail Ridge Road, and be sure to check out unique events like the Central City Memorial Day celebration.


Planning a trip to Estes Park, Colorado? Get ready for a wild adventure with outdoor activities like hiking, white water rafting, and even underground shows by Aidan Sinclair.

Looking for a place to stay? Check out The Stanley Hotel or WorldMark Estes Park for a cozy and comfortable stay.

Explore downtown with shopping centers, beer tasting tours, and more attractions to keep you entertained.

Take a riding tour around the area or sign up for courses at Colorado Mountain School for a unique experience.

Don’t miss out on the park aerial tramway adventure up Prospect Mountain for stunning views of the area.

With so much to do and see, Estes Park is the perfect destination for travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and locals alike.