Picture this: thousands of twinkling lights reflecting off the white, snowy landscape; horse-drawn wagon rides through decorated streets; and the sweet smell of hot cocoa filling the air. Welcome to Utah! With an array of enchanting Christmas activities in Utah, you’ll be captivated by how alive every corner feels during the holiday season. Fancy watching ballet performances or singing along to classic Christmas carols? Maybe exploring candy window displays piques your interest? Or perhaps witnessing majestic tree lighting ceremonies makes you giddy with excitement? The grandeur doesn’t stop there, though. Park City’s snow-covered slopes for skiing adventures make for some high-adrenaline fun, as well! Let’s take a look at all there is to do in Utah during the Christmas holiday.

Unveiling the Magic of Christmas in Utah

Christmas in Utah is like stepping into a snow-globe world. And the festive events that make you feel right at home. Kick off the holiday season with Temple Square’s annual tree lighting ceremony that paints Salt Lake City with an enchanting glow.

If performing arts stir your soul, then prepare to be dazzled by shows across Utah. From captivating performances such as Ballet West’s The Nutcracker to local theater productions, the performing arts add extra sparkle to the holidays. You can experience one of these cultural traditions for yourself at venues like Capitol Theater or check out plays and musicals celebrating Christmas in the beautiful Utah Valley.

The magic doesn’t stop there. Kids will love interactive experiences like breakfast with Santa at Discovery Gateway or fun-filled parades welcoming Santa into town.

Fancy some luxury this holiday? Try visiting the grandeur of Grand America Hotel during this merry time. And let’s not overlook shopping! Explore charming holiday markets on Main Street filled with artisan crafts perfect for gift-giving—just another day experiencing Christmas activities in our wonderful state. Lastly, don’t miss unique outdoor adventures like wagon rides through Heber Valley to ice skating under twinkling lights at Willard Bay.

A Stroll Through Temple Square’s Christmas Wonderland

At Temple Square in Salt Lake City, the holidays bring a magical transformation of lights that captivates visitors with its festive Christmas feeling. The square transforms into a dazzling spectacle of lights, creating an enchanting Christmas wonderland.

Temple Square’s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony

The festive cheer begins with the annual tree lighting ceremony. As thousands of twinkling lights illuminate the square, it marks the official start to Salt Lake City’s yuletide festivities.

This event isn’t just about flipping a switch. The radiant glow from every bulb casts magic on each leaf and branch, bringing this central icon to life. Witnessing such beauty can warm even the coldest winter night.

If you’ve been dreaming of walking through your very own Hallmark movie scene—this is it.

Sights and Sounds Around The Square

Moving beyond that grand spectacle at Temple Square, visitors are treated to harmonious sounds filling up their senses too. Choirs caroling traditional hymns add soulful melodies to those twinkling sights.

The myriad of lighted paths guides guests around serene reflecting pools while evoking awe-inspiring moments for everyone who steps foot here during those cold December nights.

This experience promises more than simple sightseeing—it invites people into Utah’s unique blend between tradition and innovation throughout our cherished holiday season.

Festive Events and Performances Across Utah

Utah’s holiday is filled with vibrant performing arts, shimmering under the glow of twinkling lights. Just imagine sipping hot cocoa while enjoying performances that bring an extra sparkle to this magical time.

Ballet West’s The Nutcracker

There’s something truly enchanting about Ballet West’s The Nutcracker. It’s not just another performance; it has become one of Utah’s longest-running cultural traditions. As the performers move gracefully across the stage, you can’t help but be whisked away to a magical winter realm. But wait—there are more theatrical gems scattered around Utah Valley.

The magic continues at places like CenterPoint Legacy Theatre, where productions bring audiences those heartwarming Christmas stories like White Christmas. Or perhaps you’d enjoy some laughs at Desert Star Theatre, known for its humorous spins on classic tales?

Apart from these big names, there are many plays, dances, and musical performances centered around celebrating Christmas in Utah Valley – each contributing to creating memories that will last longer than any snowman could.

Family-Friendly Activities for a Memorable Christmas

If you’re seeking some unforgettable holiday experiences, Utah is the place to be. Our state overflows with joy and wonder during this festive season.

Santa Parades Across Utah

In towns across our lovely state, Santa parades make their appearance. Families gather on main streets, clutching hot cocoa in mittened hands as they eagerly await Santa’s grand entrance.

The children’s eyes light up like Christmas trees when jolly old St. Nick finally makes his way down the parade route. It’s an experience that sparks a magical start to any child’s holiday season.

This event also includes delightful activities such as cookie decorating and live caroling—it truly embodies family-friendly fun. If you can’t get enough of these festivities, don’t miss out on events at other local venues like Pickleville Playhouse Christmas or breakfast with Santa himself at Discovery Gateway.

The Grandeur of Christmas at The Grand America Hotel

Experience the opulence and grandeur of Utah’s Grand America Hotel during this holiday season. The hotel transforms into a festive wonderland, radiating with joyous cheer and welcoming warmth.

This Salt Lake City landmark is renowned for its lavish Christmas decorations that echo through every corner. From dazzling light displays to meticulously decorated rooms, each element tells a story of tradition and elegance.

A must-see highlight is the enchanting window stroll, where life-sized candy windows captivate visitors with intricate designs crafted entirely from sweets. These edible masterpieces showcase themes ranging from traditional winter scenes to imaginative fairy tales.

Beyond visual treats, you’ll find an array of Christmas events hosted within the hotel’s luxurious confines. Live music performances fill the air with beloved carols while high tea in their stunning lounge offers respite amidst your holiday hustle.

If you’re looking for something more hands-on, consider participating in one of their popular gingerbread house workshops or indulge yourself at their annual brunch on Christmas Eve—it’s nothing short of magical.

Gingerbread House Workshops at Grand America

In these interactive sessions led by seasoned pastry chefs, both kids and adults alike get to assemble pre-baked gingerbread pieces into whimsical houses using candies as adornments. It’s not just about crafting a delightful keepsake, but also creating cherished memories along the way.

Luxurious Brunch on Christmas Eve

Celebrate festivities over decadent meals prepared by skilled chefs at this world-class venue; everything from sumptuous roast turkey to richly flavored desserts awaits your palate here—it truly encapsulates the spirit of Christmas in the grandest style.

Discover Holiday Joy: Best Christmas Activities in Utah

Unique Christmas Experiences in Utah’s Great Outdoors

When it comes to unique Christmas experiences, Utah has you covered. You can feel the chill of winter while indulging in a variety of outdoor activities at Willard Bay State Park. Skiing, snowboarding, and sledding can all be enjoyed amidst the wintery chill of Utah’s Willard Bay State Park.

Winter Adventures at Willard Bay

The snowy landscapes make for perfect skiing and snowboarding conditions. For those seeking a more relaxed winter experience, ice skating or sipping hot cocoa by the fire is sure to be enjoyable. If you’re lucky enough, Santa might even drop by!

Besides sports-related adventures, nature lovers will appreciate wagon rides through Heber Valley. The journey gives visitors stunning views of frozen lakes and frosted trees—a picture-perfect backdrop for holiday photos.

In addition to these traditional offerings, Nature Hills Farm presents live nativity scenes every December which add an extra layer to your Christmas experience.

All these activities make sure that each visitor gets their fill of festive cheer mixed with adrenaline rush this season. So bundle up your family this winter, and embark on new traditions amidst the beautiful landscapes only found here in Utah.

Christmas Shopping and Markets in Utah

For a memorable holiday shopping experience, Utah’s Christmas markets offer a wide selection of handmade gifts. Bursting with festive charm, these markets offer an array of handcrafted gifts perfect for loved ones.

Main Street Magic

Stroll down Main Street, Park City to soak up the twinkling lights and charming storefronts filled with locally made treasures. It’s a true Christmas shopper’s paradise.

Covey Center Crafts Galore

The Covey Center is another must-visit spot. Their annual market showcases local artisans’ works that capture the spirit of Christmas—think intricate woodwork pieces, handmade jewelry, and delicious homemade treats.

Festive Finds at University Place

University Place in Orem offers something special during the holiday season too—it transforms into an enchanting winter wonderland, complete with Santa visits. Shop till you drop amidst this delightful backdrop.

Note: With Covid-19 impacting many events this year, we recommend checking each venue’s website or contacting them directly before planning your visit.

FAQs about Christmas Activities in Utah

What Is There to Do in Utah at Christmas time?

You can visit light shows, join festive events, and indulge in winter sports. Highlights include Temple Square’s lighting ceremony and Park City’s skiing opportunities.

What Is There to Do in Salt Lake at Christmas?

In Salt Lake City, you’ll find holiday parades, beautiful displays at the Gallivan Center or Macy’s, and vibrant seasonal activities for all ages.

What Activities Can Be Done During Christmas?

Apart from traditional gatherings and gift-giving, people often enjoy light festivals, caroling sessions, or attending performances like The Nutcracker ballet. Many also take part in charity drives.

Does Park City Utah Decorate for Christmas?

Absolutely. Park City decks out with sparkling lights, while resorts offer a plethora of winter sports amidst picturesque snowy landscapes.


So, you’ve embarked on a magical journey exploring Christmas activities in Utah. You’ve felt the charm of Temple Square’s lights and reveled in Salt Lake City’s vibrant holiday scene.

You’ve tasted adventure with winter sports at Park City and indulged your senses at the luxurious Grand America Hotel. And that’s not all!

You’ve immersed yourself in festive performances from Ballet West to local theaters. And let’s not forget family fun time spent discovering Ogden’s Christmas Village or Thanksgiving Point.

It doesn’t get more memorable than this! Keep these places bookmarked for your next visit, because every year brings even more magic to life in Utah during the holiday season.