Want to swim or soak in a hot tub, but dread smelling like chlorine? Crystal Hot Springs Utah might be the place for you! Open every day of the year, it is the perfect place to spend time with your family. 

How Far is it to Crystal Hot Springs?

Crystal Hot Springs is located in Honeyville, UT, a small town in Northern Utah. While it is about 69 miles North of Salt Lake City, it’s easy to find. Many popular Northern Utah cities, such as Logan, can be hard to access in the winter. However, because Honeyville is right off of I-15, it only takes about an hour to drive there from Salt Lake during any season.

What is Crystal Hot Springs Known For?

Crystal Hot Springs is a large, natural hot spring that brings up 8,400 gallons of water from under the earth’s surface every hour. This large amount of water fills three hot tubs, a large soaker pool, and an Olympic-size swimming pool that patrons can relax and swim in.

Perhaps what makes Crystal Hot Springs most famous, however, is its mineral content. With 900,000 pounds of minerals rising to the surface every 24 hours, these hot springs have the highest mineral content of any spring in the world! Many people who have visited the hot springs claim that these minerals have healing and restorative properties.

These minerals have made the Honeyville Hot Springs popular since well before Utah was a state. Originally, the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe would visit yearly to come together as a group and tell stories about their ancestors. 

As Utah began to be populated by immigrants, Chinese railroad workers with sore muscles frequently visited to soak in the pools. After Honeyville was founded, Crystal Hot Springs was opened as a business in the early 1900s, and people began to frequent the springs. Then, during World War II, soldiers were bussed to the Hot Springs to help with rehabilitation. 

Today, the mineral springs are popular with others seeking rehabilitation and treatment for minor medical conditions. If you know you have a mineral deficiency, visiting the Honeyville Hot Spring is a great way to help your body. 

What is there to do at Crystal Hot Springs?

Crystal Hot Springs, Honeyville, UT. Photo by: crystalhotsprings.net

The hot springs aren’t the only thing that the Crystal Hot Springs boast. They are also home to a smaller natural cold spring. Separated from the hot springs by only 50 feet, these are the second closest hot and cold springs in the world. It also allows patrons to take a refreshing break from soaking in the hot water and cool off in the mineral-filled pool.

While soaking and swimming in the springs are the biggest reason for Crystal Hot Springs’ popularity, the site also boasts a campground and a large newly renovated lodge. This makes it a great place for a relaxing retreat with the entire family.

How much is it to get into Crystal Hot Springs?

Despite everything this small resort has to offer, their prices are relatively inexpensive. They charge $12 a person for adults, and $10 a person for senior citizens and children over two years old. You can check here for their hours and pricing. And once you pay the admission, every pool and hot tub in the resort is open to you. This makes it very affordable for families looking for a natural place to spend the day swimming.

Whether you are looking to simply soak and relax, or to help rehabilitate your body or soul, Crystal Hot Springs in Honeyville, Utah is a wonderful place to visit. These natural springs are the perfect place for your next family adventure no matter the season.