Ever dreamt of wandering through a fairytale forest, where sparkling waterfalls tumble down limestone terraces and wildlife peeks out from lush greenery? If you nodded your head ‘yes’, then Cascade Springs is waiting for you.

A haven in Utah’s American Fork Canyon this hike promises an adventure wrapped up in nature’s splendor. It paints pictures of natural springs feeding into tranquil pools filled with cutthroat trout; offers sights of fall colors painting mountain peaks, creating landscapes that take your breath away.

The trail may be accessible but don’t mistake it for being ordinary! Imagine pushing a stroller or rolling a wheelchair along boardwalks overlooking pristine waters. That’s what awaits at Cascade Springs!

My wife and I loaded up our three kids in our minivan and took off for an adventure at Cascade Springs. The drive up the canyon to the springs was gorgeous and honestly it is a perfect “hike” if you have young kiddos like us (I put hike in quotes because with the flat trails, and so much to look at around the loop of the springs it really doesn’t feel like a hike at all but just a nice outdoor walk in the mountains!).

Go ahead and check out our write up below of the Cascade Springs to learn all about them and how you can enjoy them for yourself!

What are the Cascade Springs?

Located north of the Mt. Timpanogos Wilderness Area, Cascade Springs is a large artesian spring that flows down a series of limestone terraces and pools amidst lush vegetation. As part of the Uinta National Forest in the Wasatch Range, this natural wonder offers an enjoyable destination for families and hikers alike.

The springs boast crystal clear waters which make it easy to spot trout inhabiting the pools. An informative half-mile nature trail wraps around these natural springs with bridges, boardwalks, and paved pathways. Along your hike you will find interpretive signs explaining the geology of Cascade Springs.

Hiking Details

  • Distance: The round trip hiking distance from the main parking area through all loops is approximately 0.8 miles.
  • Average Hike Time: Expect about 30 minutes to wander through and return on this loop trail. Plan additional time if you wish to stop and read each sign along your path.

Please note that there are public vault restrooms available onsite as well as ample parking space for visitors. UDOT’s website

Fees & Accessibility

A day-use fee applies when visiting or stopping at Cascade Springs, so plan accordingly before setting off on your journey! The access road S.R. 92 leading up to Cascade Springs generally remains open between May till late-October but closes during winter months due to safety reasons. For more information regarding fees or accessibility contact Pleasant Grove Ranger District at 801-785-3563.

Road Trip Attractions

Whether you’re visiting during spring, summer or fall, the route to Cascade Springs is incredibly scenic. The drive meanders through a mostly deciduous forest area and loops back to Heber Valley via Provo Canyon. This makes it an ideal day trip for those looking to soak in Utah’s natural beauty.

Overview of Cascade Springs Hike

The family-friendly Cascade Springs hike in American Fork Canyon is a gem nestled amidst the Uinta National Forest. This scenic trail takes you on a journey through limestone terraces and over wooden bridges, all while being serenaded by the babbling waters of natural springs.

A stroll around this alpine loop covers approximately one mile and gives hikers an opportunity to spot cutthroat trout swimming in crystal clear ponds. If visiting during fall, be prepared for an explosion of colors as autumn leaves create a picturesque backdrop against cascading waterfalls.

Parking areas are well-organized however, we recommend parking early during peak season or weekends to avoid any inconvenience due to rush.

Accessibility and Amenities

If you’re planning to explore the Cascade Springs Hike, let’s talk about accessibility and what you can expect in terms of amenities. The trail at American Fork Canyon is a dream for those needing stroller-friendly hikes or accessible trails, as it’s either paved or a boardwalk.

The parking area offers real bathrooms – not just port-a-potties. So, rest assured knowing that comfort isn’t far away. Forgetting your water bottle won’t be a problem as you can easily get hydrated at the nearby facilities.

Preparing for Your Visit

Packing right can make all the difference between an average day out hiking and an unforgettable adventure. A handy tip: always carry some trash bags with you – remember we need to practice ‘leave no trace’ principles while enjoying these beautiful spots.

Also important are water safety tips. Always respect nature’s power – rushing waters might look inviting but they could also be dangerous so keep safe distances.

Gear Recommendations and Safety

Let’s admit it, having a successful hike is more than just taking steps. You need to be well-equipped. This isn’t some stroll through the park, folks. We’re talking about Osprey day packs, hiking boots that mean business, and hydration kits for those thirst-quenching moments.

Choosing the Right Day Pack

Day packs are your best friend on any trail. But how do you choose? Look for something sturdy yet comfortable; spacious but not bulky. Remember: comfort is king.

Practicing Water Safety

Hiking safety tips don’t end with gear alone – water safety is crucial too. So let me give you an important tip here: Never underestimate a body of water because even shallow streams can pose risks if not navigated correctly.

To get detailed guidelines on this topic, make sure to visit the Forest Service website. Oh, and keep in mind – Atlanta’s gates lock up after closing time so plan accordingly.Click to Tweet 

FAQs in Relation to Cascade Springs Hike

How long of a hike is Cascade Springs?

It short hike, around 1 mile. My wife and I made it around the loop in about 45 minutes while making frequent stops for our 3 kids to check out the water and nature.

How much does it cost to go to Cascade Springs?

In most cases, visiting Cascade Springs is free, but parking may have fees depending on your chosen site and time of visit.

Can I take my dog to Cascade Springs?

Dogs are allowed if kept on leash. Always remember to clean up after them for others’ enjoyment too.

What Canyon is Cascade Springs in?

Cascade Springs can be found nestled within the beautiful landscape of American Fork Canyon in Utah. However, it can be accessed by driving through American Fork Canyon, Midway or going through Provo Canyon and getting on the Alpine Loop.


Exploring the Cascade Springs Hike is like stepping into a nature painting. The trails in American Fork Canyon provide breathtaking landscapes, historic significance, and wildlife encounters.

Remember to practice water safety while hiking near springs or waterfalls, especially if children are tagging along on this family-friendly hike. Packing out trash is another key takeaway – let’s keep these natural gems sparkling for future generations!

In essence: Wthe Cascade Springs Hike promises an enriching experience wrapped in nature’s splendor.