If you’re looking for an unforgettable summer adventure, look no further than Utah. With its diverse landscapes and endless outdoor opportunities, Utah is the perfect destination for those who love to explore. 

From hiking through stunning canyons and camping under the stars to biking along mountain trails and rafting down rushing rivers, Utah summer activities offer something for everyone. 

With its world-renowned national parks, breathtaking scenery, and diverse array of outdoor activities, Utah is the ultimate destination for those looking to unleash their inner explorer. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best Utah summer activities for adventurers and families alike. So pack your bags, grab your gear, and get ready to unleash your inner explorer in Utah!

About Utah 

Utah is a state located in the western United States, renowned for its stunning natural beauty and diverse landscapes. During the summer months, Utah offers an endless array of outdoor activities and attractions, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. 

Hiking, camping, mountain biking, and rock climbing are just a few of the outdoor activities available in Utah. The state’s abundant lakes, rivers, and reservoirs also offer a variety of water sports, including kayaking, paddle boarding, and whitewater rafting. 

Utah’s hot springs provide a relaxing way to soak in the natural beauty of the state, and its numerous indoor and outdoor cultural attractions offer a glimpse into the state’s rich history and artistic heritage.

With stunning landscapes, thrilling adventures, and friendly locals, Utah is the perfect destination for those looking to enjoy summer activities while experiencing the beauty of the state. 

What are the popular Utah Summer Activities You Can Do? 

Utah is known for its incredible natural beauty and is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Let’s find out what are the popular Utah summer activities you can do for fun!


Hiking is one of the most popular summer activities in Utah, and with good reason. The state is home to five national parks, each with its unique landscapes and hiking trails. Zion National Park, located in southwestern Utah, is one of the most popular destinations for hikers. 

The park boasts towering red rock formations and narrow slot canyons, making it a hiker’s paradise. Some of the most popular hikes in Zion include Angels Landing, The Narrows, and Observation Point. 

● Camping 

Camping in Utah is a popular way to experience Utah’s natural beauty up close. The state is home to numerous state parks, national parks, and campgrounds, providing plenty of options for campers of all skill levels. Some popular camping spots include Dead Horse Point State Park, Goblin Valley State Park, and Capitol Reef National Park. 

In addition to traditional camping, Utah also offers unique camping experiences such as glamping, yurt camping, and treehouse camping. These options provide a more luxurious camping experience while still allowing visitors to connect with nature.

Water Sports 

Utah’s abundant lakes, rivers, and reservoirs make it a great destination for water sports enthusiasts. Some of the most popular water activities include kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, and whitewater rafting. 

The Green River and Colorado River are popular destinations for rafting, while the Great Salt Lake and Lake Powell are great spots for kayaking and paddle boarding. 

Utah is also home to numerous hot springs, providing a relaxing way to soak in the natural beauty of the state. 


Utah is a dream destination for mountain bikers, with over 15 world-class mountain biking trails. Some of the most popular trails include Slickrock in Moab and the Wasatch Crest Trail near Park City. In addition to mountain biking, Utah also offers numerous road biking options for those looking for a more scenic ride.

Rock Climbing 

Utah’s rugged peaks provide ample opportunities for rock climbing enthusiasts of all skill levels. Some of the best climbing spots include Mount Timpanogos, Kings Peak, and Mount Olympus. Utah also offers numerous indoor climbing gyms for those looking to practice their skills before venturing outdoors.

Cultural Activities 

Utah is also rich in cultural history and offers numerous opportunities to explore its heritage. The Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail and This is the Place Heritage Park are popular destinations for those interested in the state’s pioneer history. 

The Natural History Museum of Utah and the Utah Museum of Fine Arts offer a glimpse into the state’s natural and artistic history. In addition, Salt Lake City is home to numerous cultural events and festivals throughout the summer, including the Utah Arts Festival and the Utah Shakespeare Festival.


Fishing is another popular summer activity in Utah, with numerous lakes and rivers throughout the state. Utah is home to a variety of fish species, including trout, bass, and catfish. Some of the most popular fishing destinations in Utah include the Green River, the Provo River, and Strawberry Reservoir. 

Utah also offers guided fishing tours for those looking to improve their skills or explore new fishing spots. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, Utah’s lakes and rivers offer plenty of opportunities to cast a line and reel in your next catch.

Horseback Riding 

Horseback riding is a popular summer activity in Utah, offering a unique way to explore the state’s natural beauty. Numerous outfitters throughout the state offer guided horseback rides, providing visitors with a chance to ride through scenic landscapes and take in stunning views. 

Some popular destinations for horseback riding include Bryce Canyon National Park, the Moab area, and the Uinta Mountains. Many of these guided tours cater to riders of all skill levels, making it a great activity for families and groups. 

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride or a more challenging adventure, horseback riding in Utah is a memorable way to experience the state’s natural beauty.

Family-Friendly Activities 

Utah is also a great destination for families, offering a variety of activities suitable for all ages. The Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City is home to over 400 birds from around the world, making it a popular destination for families. 

The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, also located in Salt Lake City, features a variety of exhibits and interactive activities for kids. 

The Lagoon Amusement Park, located in Farmington, Utah, is another popular destination for families. The park features over 50 rides and attractions, including roller coasters, water rides, and carnival games.

Food and Drink 

Utah is also home to a thriving food and drink scene, with numerous breweries, wineries, and restaurants throughout the state. Park City is known for its high-end restaurants and wineries, while Salt Lake City is home to numerous breweries and distilleries. 

Utah is also home to a unique culinary tradition known as “Funeral Potatoes,” a cheesy potato casserole often served at post-funeral gatherings. Visitors to Utah can try this local favorite at numerous restaurants throughout the state. 

Events and Festivals 

Utah is home to numerous events and festivals throughout the summer months. The Sundance Film Festival, held annually in Park City, is one of the largest film

festivals in the United States and features screenings of independent films from around the world. 

The Utah Arts Festival, held annually in Salt Lake City, is a four-day event that features over 160 visual artists, live music, and culinary arts. The Park City Kimball Arts Festival is another popular event, featuring over 200 artists and live music. 

Other Outdoor Activities 

In addition to the activities mentioned above, Utah offers a wide variety of other outdoor adventures. Golf, ziplining, hot air balloon rides, River Rafting & Tubing, Zip Line Tours, and ATV tours are just a few of the other activities available in Utah during the summer months.

What to Consider When Enjoying Utah Summer Activities? 

Whether you’re a tourist or a resident, it’s important to consider some tips and tricks to make the most of your Utah summer experience. 

Plan Ahead 

Before embarking on any summer activity, it’s important to plan ahead. Research the destination, trail conditions, and weather forecasts to ensure you have the necessary equipment and clothing. It’s also important to check if permits or reservations are required for certain activities, such as camping or rafting. 

Stay Hydrated 

Utah’s summer months can be hot and dry, making it essential to stay hydrated. Bring plenty of water on your outdoor adventures and consider carrying a water filtration system to refill water bottles during long hikes or camping trips. 

Protect Yourself from the Sun 

Utah’s high altitude and abundant sunshine can lead to sunburns and dehydration. Make sure to wear sunscreen, a hat, and protective clothing to shield yourself from harmful UV rays. 

Respect the Environment 

Utah’s natural beauty is a precious resource that should be respected and protected. Always follow Leave No Trace principles by packing out your trash, staying on designated trails, and avoiding damaging natural resources.

Consider Guided Tours 

For those unfamiliar with Utah’s summer activities or looking to improve their skills, consider joining a guided tour. Guided tours provide knowledgeable guides and necessary equipment, making it easier to fully enjoy the activity. 

Know Your Limits 

Utah’s summer activities can be physically demanding, and it’s important to know your limits. Choose activities that match your fitness level and consider taking breaks as needed to avoid exhaustion or injury. 

Check for Wildlife 

Utah is home to a variety of wildlife, including bears, mountain lions, and snakes. Always be aware of your surroundings and make noise when hiking to avoid surprising animals. If you do encounter wildlife, keep a safe distance and respect their habitat. 

Be Prepared for Changes in the Weather 

Utah’s weather can change rapidly, and it’s important to be prepared for sudden weather changes. Always bring rain gear and warm layers when heading into the mountains or planning an extended outdoor adventure.

Respect Private Property 

Some of Utah’s summer activities take place on private property. Always respect private property boundaries and obtain necessary permissions before entering or crossing private land. 

Wrap Up 

Utah’s summer activities offer an incredible opportunity to experience the state’s natural beauty and enjoy the great outdoors. From hiking and camping to water sports, biking, and more, there is no shortage of activities to enjoy in Utah during the summer months. 

Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, Utah has something for everyone, with opportunities for adventure, relaxation, and cultural exploration. 

With stunning landscapes, thrilling adventures, and friendly locals, Utah is the perfect destination for those looking to enjoy summer activities while having fun and experiencing the beauty of the state.