Utah is known for its stunning mountains, national parks, and unique culture. However, there are some laws in Utah that may leave visitors scratching their heads.

From bizarre alcohol regulations to unusual animal restrictions, the Beehive State has a few eyebrow-raising statutes. Unraveling these odd laws can be both entertaining and enlightening. Some have existed for decades while others were recently passed by the legislature. 

Whatever the case may be, understanding these peculiar policies sheds light on the state’s history and values. So let’s take a closer look at some of the strangest and most unusual laws in Utah.

Alcohol Regulations That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Utah’s alcohol regulations have long been a source of confusion and amusement for many. Private clubs, for instance, are required to be registered with the state and must charge customers a ‘membership fee’ in order to serve them alcohol.

Grocery stores can only sell beer that contains less than 4% alcohol by volume, while all other liquor sales are restricted to state-run liquor stores. And if you’re hoping to buy booze on a Sunday, forget it! Utah law prohibits any kind of liquor sales on this day.

Obtaining a liquor license is also notoriously difficult in Utah due to strict requirements and limited availability. These rules may leave some scratching their heads, but they certainly make for an interesting conversation starter at the local bar.

Animal Restrictions That Will Surprise You

After scratching your head over Utah’s alcohol regulations, it’s time to take a look at some of the surprising animal restrictions in the state.

While many states have laws against owning exotic pets, Utah takes it a step further by completely banning ownership of certain species such as tigers and lions. It is illegal to keep wild animals as pets without proper permits and licenses.

And if you’re thinking about hunting for sport in Utah, be aware that there are limitations on when and where you can hunt certain games. For example, hunting cougars with dogs is only allowed during specific times of the year and in designated areas.

It’s clear that Utah has strict rules when it comes to both domesticated and wild animals within its borders. Incorporating ‘exotic pet’ and ‘hunting limitations’, this section dives into unexpected animal restrictions in Utah; from bans on owning specific species like tigers or lions to required permits for keeping wild animals as pets. 

Despite being known for its vast wilderness areas perfect for outdoor activities like hunting, there are also limitations placed on what games can be hunted and how they may be pursued.

Strange Driving Laws, You Need To Know

We’ve all heard of the more common driving laws, but did you know there are some strange ones out there?

In Utah, for instance, you can’t drive with an animal in your lap, and you’re expected to use a certain type of turn signal. Let’s take a deeper look into those two laws and see what else we can uncover.

Driving With Animals

Have you ever considered taking your exotic pet for a drive in Utah? Well, think again because it is illegal to drive with certain animals. In fact, it is against the law to have an animal in your car that could potentially distract the driver or obstruct their view of the road.

This means no snakes on the dashboard and definitely no parrots perched on your steering wheel! If you happen to own a horse-drawn carriage, feel free to take it out for a spin as long as you follow all traffic laws and regulations.

So leave your furry friends at home and enjoy a smooth ride without any legal troubles.

Unusual Turn Signals

Now that we’ve covered the bizarre vehicle laws regarding driving with certain animals, let’s dive into another strange traffic regulation: unusual turn signals.

Did you know that in St. Georgia, it is illegal to use hand gestures as a form of signaling when turning? That’s right, no more sticking your arm out the window and waving it around like a maniac.

Instead, drivers must rely on their car’s blinkers or electronic signals to indicate which direction they are turning. This may seem like a minor law, but it just goes to show how specific some traffic regulations can be.

So make sure to keep those hands on the wheel and let your car do the talking when making turns in St. Georgia!

Unusual Marriage Laws In Utah

Marriage is supposed to be a union between two consenting adults who love each other, but in Utah, wedding restrictions can make that difficult for some.

For example, it is illegal to marry your first cousin unless both parties are over 65 years old or one of them is infertile.

Meanwhile, polygamy laws prohibit individuals from being legally married to more than one person at the same time. There have been cases where people have found ways around these laws by having commitment ceremonies and calling themselves spiritual spouses.

Despite the controversy surrounding these unconventional relationships, they continue to exist in Utah without legal recognition.

Outdated Laws That Still Exist Today

Utah’s unusual marriage laws may have left us scratching our heads, but the state has even more peculiarities to uncover. Outdated laws that still exist today showcase just how much society has evolved over time and how some legal regulations haven’t kept up with the times.

For instance, it is illegal in Utah for people to participate in oddball activities like ‘throwing missiles at a bus or car’ or engaging in peculiar public behavior such as ‘whistling on Sunday.’ 

While these rules may seem outdated and unnecessary, they are still technically enforceable by law enforcement officials. It makes one wonder what other bizarre statutes lurk in Utah’s books of law.

  • Did you know that it is against the law to fish while riding atop a horse?
  • In Provo, Utah, residents are forbidden from walking down Center Street carrying boxes of candy.
  • Believe it or not, throwing snowballs was once banned in parts of Utah until lawmakers recently overturned the ban.

These strange laws remind us that sometimes society needs reminders to update its legislation and stay current with changing attitudes towards certain behaviors. Regardless, it’s worth taking note of these amusing curiosities; after all, who knows if any of us might unwittingly break one someday?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Penalties For Breaking Some Of These Strange Laws In Utah?

In Utah, breaking strange laws can result in various penalties. For example, it is illegal to swear in front of a dead person, and doing so may result in a Class C misdemeanor. It is also illegal to hunt whales in Utah, which could result in fines up to $100,000. Driving without a steering wheel in the state is illegal and may result in a citation or fine. The exact penalties may vary depending on the specific law and circumstances of the violation.

Are There Any Exceptions To The Animal Restrictions In The State?

There may be exceptions to animal restrictions in the state of Utah depending on the specific law and circumstances. For example, service animals are exempt from certain housing and public accommodation restrictions. Some exotic animals may be permitted if the owner has obtained proper permits and licenses.

How Do These Outdated Laws Affect The Daily Lives Of Utah Residents?

Some outdated laws in Utah may have little to no effect on the daily lives of residents, as they may not be enforced or relevant to modern society. However, some laws may still have an impact, such as the ban on adultery, which remains a crime in Utah. Additionally, some strange laws may create confusion and uncertainty among residents and visitors, and may also reflect negatively on the state’s image.

Is It Legal To Hunt Whales In Utah?

No, it is not legal to hunt whales in Utah. Despite being a landlocked state, Utah has a law that makes it illegal to hunt whales within its borders. This law is likely a reflection of an outdated statute that was once common in many states and may be seen as a quirky piece of Utah’s legal history.

What Is The Reasoning Behind Some Of These Strange Laws In Utah?

The reasoning behind some of the strange laws in Utah may be difficult to discern, as many of these laws are outdated and no longer serve a practical purpose. Some laws may reflect the values and beliefs of the time they were created, while others may have been intended as a form of social control. In some cases, strange laws may simply be the result of legislative oversight or a lack of attention to detail.


Utah has some of the strangest and most unusual laws in the United States. From bans on certain animals to peculiar restrictions on marriage and alcohol consumption, it’s easy to see why many people find these outdated laws confusing and frustrating.

Despite their seemingly arbitrary nature, there may be historical or cultural reasons behind these strange laws.

Regardless, as a resident of Utah, I hope that our lawmakers will take steps to update and amend these archaic regulations so that they better reflect modern society and serve the best interests of all residents.