Venturing to the Denver, Colorado area offers an array of chances to experience the wilds while taking in stunning sights of the Rocky Mountains. With numerous campgrounds and parks available for all types of travelers, finding your ideal spot has never been easier.

From waterfront experiences at Cherry Creek Road Campground to RV-friendly accommodations near downtown Golden, this blog post will provide you with valuable insights into some of the best camping options in and around Denver. For those seeking more rustic charm combined with modern conveniences, Indian Paintbrush Campground is a popular destination worth considering.

Nature enthusiasts who prefer hike-in access can venture to Sawmill Hiker’s Campgrounds in White Ranch Park, while others may opt for state park adventures offering a wide range of activities suitable for families and individuals alike. Whatever your preference may be, exploring these diverse camping options near Denver Colorado is sure to make lasting memories as you connect with nature’s splendor.

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camping near denver colorado

Cherry Creek Road Campground

For a great camping experience in Denver, Cherry Creek Road Campground is an excellent choice offering spacious and well-appointed campsites by the water for visitors to enjoy Rocky Mountain National Park and downtown Denver. This Colorado campground offers spacious and well-appointed campsites by the water, providing visitors with a comfortable stay while exploring nearby attractions such as Rocky Mountain National Park and downtown Denver.

Proximity to Outdoor Activities and Attractions:

  • Cherry Creek State Park: Hike, bike, boat, fish, and spot wildlife in this beautiful park.
  • Biking Trails near Denver: Take advantage of the numerous bike paths that weave through the city and surrounding areas.
  • Fort Collins: Just an hour’s drive from Cherry Creek Road Campground, Fort Collins offers additional outdoor adventures along with unique dining options.

To make reservations at Cherry Creek Road Campground or explore other camping options in the area like Bear Creek Lake Park or Indian Paintbrush Campground, visit their respective websites. Secure your camping spot in Colorado ahead of time to guarantee a great experience.

Standley Lake Regional Park’s Campground

Look no further than Standley Lake Regional Park. This Colorado campground offers clean campsites with plenty of amenities for a comfortable stay.

Water-Based Activities

  • Canoe and Kayak Rentals: Explore the serene waters of Standley Lake while taking in breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Paddleboard Rentals: For those seeking adventure, try stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) on the calm lake waters.
  • Fishing Opportunities: Anglers can enjoy fishing in designated areas within the park. Don’t forget to obtain a valid Colorado fishing license before casting your line.

Outdoor Adventures

Aside from water-based activities, visitors can also take advantage of nearby hiking trails and wildlife viewing opportunities during their stay. Standley Lake Regional Park is a great basecamp for exploring the Rocky Mountains and nearby attractions like Bear Creek Lake Park and Cherry Creek State Park.

Make Reservations

Ready to explore the Rocky Mountains and nearby attractions like Bear Creek Lake Park and Cherry Creek State Park? Make reservations for Standley Lake Regional Park’s campground and start planning your adventure today.

Indian Paintbrush Campground

Look no further than Indian Paintbrush Campground. Nestled in the middle of Colorado’s wild outdoors, Indian Paintbrush Campground is a preferred spot for outdoor aficionados and thrill-seekers.

Scenic Location Amidst Natural Beauty

Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, Indian Paintbrush Campground offers stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and rolling foothills. With easy access to nearby biking trails and national parks like Rocky Mountain National Park, this campground is perfect for those looking to explore the area’s diverse outdoor offerings.

Affordable Camping Options

Compared to other campgrounds near Denver, Indian Paintbrush offers budget-friendly rates without compromising on quality or amenities. Guests can choose from tent sites or RV spots depending on their preferences and needs. For those looking for a more luxurious camping experience, nearby options like Dakota Ridge RV Park and Cherry Creek State Park are also available.

Friendly Atmosphere

Known for its welcoming environment, visitors at Indian Paintbrush Campground often find themselves making new friends during their stay. The campground staff are also helpful and knowledgeable about local attractions, ensuring you have an enjoyable experience throughout your visit.

Make Reservations

To ensure availability at this sought-after location near downtown Denver, be sure to make reservations well in advance of your planned trip. Other popular camping options in the area include Bear Creek Lake Park, Chatfield State Park, and Fort Collins.

Experience the great outdoors in Colorado with a stay at Indian Paintbrush Campground. Book your trip today.

Sawmill Campground in White Ranch Park

Looking for a unique camping experience near Denver? Check out Sawmill Campground in White Ranch Park, a hike-in only campground that offers a true backcountry adventure without the crowds.

Explore the Great Outdoors

White Ranch Park, with its multi-use trails spanning 20 miles, is a great spot for outdoor enthusiasts to explore and take in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Take in stunning views of the Rocky Mountains as you traverse the Longhorn Trail, Belcher Hill Trail, or Rawhide Loop. Don’t forget to pack a picnic and enjoy designated spots along the trail system for a well-deserved break.

Experience Natural Beauty

White Ranch Park is a pristine wilderness area that offers breathtaking vistas and diverse wildlife. Keep your gaze sharp for the chance to spot elk, deer, and other local creatures as you traverse through the park.

Make Reservations Today

Ready to book your camping trip? Visit the official White Ranch Park website to make reservations at Sawmill Campground or learn more about the park’s amenities and activities. Remember to pack accordingly for weather conditions and always practice Leave No Trace principles while enjoying Colorado’s great outdoors.

camping near denver colorado

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RV Parks near Denver

If you’re looking for a comfortable camping experience with top-notch amenities, Dakota Ridge RV Park and Clear Creek RV Park are ideal options near Denver. Both parks provide excellent facilities such as full hookups, laundry services, and free WiFi to ensure a pleasant stay. Additionally, they maintain easy access to historic downtown Golden via the scenic Clear Creek Trail.

Dakota Ridge RV Park

Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, this park offers beautiful views along with modern amenities like an outdoor pool and hot tub. Take a break and soak in the views after an active day of outdoor exploration.

Clear Creek RV Park

This pet-friendly park caters to photographers and outdoorsmen alike while offering convenient proximity to popular attractions like Red Rocks Amphitheatre. With its stunning views and peaceful atmosphere, it’s a great place to unwind and recharge.

Both parks are just a short drive from popular destinations like Bear Creek Lake Park, Fort Collins, and Cherry Creek State Park. And if you’re looking to explore the great outdoors, you’ll find plenty of options nearby, including Indian Paintbrush Campground and Chatfield State Park.

Secure your spot now and embark on a journey to marvel at the Rocky Mountains. Book your stay today and get ready to experience the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

Colorado National Parks Camping Options

Colorado’s national parks offer over 4,000 campsites catering to various types of campers. No matter your preference for outdoor living, be it car camping, glamour camping or backpacking, you can find a suitable spot in the wilderness.

Rocky Mountain National Park

One of the most popular destinations is Rocky Mountain National Park, which boasts a diverse range of accommodation styles from basic tent sites to luxurious cabins.

Other Parks

Other great options include Bear Creek Lake Park near downtown Denver, Dakota Ridge RV Park in Golden, and Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora.

Backpacking Adventures

For an even more exciting journey, try taking a multi-day backpacking trip through Colorado’s wild terrain. Make reservations at one of the many wilderness campsites along your route for an unforgettable experience in the Rocky Mountains. Some great options include Indian Paintbrush Campground in Rocky Mountain National Park and Chatfield State Park near Fort Collins.

With so many options to choose from, Colorado’s national parks are a great place to experience the great outdoors. Be sure to book ahead of time in order to guarantee your camping spot.

Eleven Mile Reservoir Camping

If you’re looking for a scenic and activity-filled camping experience, Eleven Mile Reservoir is an excellent choice. With nine campgrounds accommodating tents and RVs along direct lake access points, this location offers something for everyone. The reservoir is an ideal spot for sailing and fishing activities alike.

Water Sports Galore

  • Boating: Sail, kayak, canoe, or swim in the refreshing waters of the reservoir.
  • Fishing: Catch some trout, kokanee salmon, or northern pike in the reservoir’s abundant waters.

Explore Nature’s Beauty

  • Hiking and Biking: Surrounded by stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife, Eleven Mile Reservoir provides ample opportunity for nature enthusiasts to explore its beauty on foot or by bike.
  • Picnicking: Pack a lunch and take advantage of one of the many designated picnic areas available around the reservoir – perfect for enjoying a meal with family or friends while taking in breathtaking views.

Make reservations at one of these picturesque campsites near downtown Denver and experience the great outdoors at its finest. Don’t miss out on this popular destination that promises unforgettable memories amidst Colorado’s national parks and Rocky Mountains.

Jackson Lake Camping

Look no further than Jackson Lake State Park. With over 250 tent and RV campsites, this popular destination offers nature lovers the chance to explore 10 miles of hiking and biking trails, swim in warm shallow waters, and relax on wide sandy beaches.

Outdoor Fun

  • Jackson Lake State Park is perfect for hikers, bikers, and nature photographers alike.
  • Water enthusiasts can enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, and kayaking on the lake.
  • Pet-friendly campsites ensure that even your furry friends can join in on the fun.

Explore the Area

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Jackson Lake camping options also provide easy access to other popular destinations like Rocky Mountain National Park, Dakota Ridge RV Park, Bear Creek Lake Park, and Fort Collins.

Make Reservations

Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunities to experience nature in this stunning Rocky Mountain area. Make reservations at Jackson Lake State Park or other Colorado campground sites today.

Chatfield State Park

Look no further than Chatfield State Park. With 197 campsites available, this park has camping options for everyone, from tents to RVs.

Outdoor Adventures Galore

For those looking to get out and explore, Chatfield State Park offers a wide range of outdoor activities. Whether you’re into hiking, biking, horseback riding, or fishing, this park has something for you. At Chatfield State Park, visitors can partake in a range of aquatic activities such as swimming and boating thanks to the reservoir located there.

Scenic Beauty

Located just a short drive from downtown Denver, Chatfield State Park offers stunning views of the Rocky Mountains. Take a stroll through Chatfield State Park and observe the majestic Rocky Mountains while spotting birds of all kinds. And for bird watchers, the park is home to a variety of avian species.

Make Reservations Today

Secure your spot now and prepare to be amazed by the wonders of Chatfield State Park. Secure your spot now and prepare for an extraordinary outdoor adventure in one of Colorado’s most stunning parks.

Premier RV Campgrounds near Denver

Check out Denver Meadows RV Park or Applewood Valley United Methodist Church (AVUMC) Campground. These camping options offer top-notch amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Denver Meadows provides full hookups and easy access to downtown Denver, while AVUMC offers a serene setting with stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.

Convenient Location

Both campgrounds are conveniently located within driving distance of Fort Collins and other popular destinations. Take a day trip to Bear Creek Lake Park or Cherry Creek State Park for some outdoor fun.


Enjoy a variety of amenities at these well-maintained campgrounds, including laundry rooms, restrooms with showers, playgrounds for kids, and picnic areas. Plus, friendly staff members are always available to help make your stay unforgettable.

Nature Trails

Explore the great outdoors by taking advantage of biking trails around the parks or venture further into national parks like Rocky Mountain National Park for more adventure opportunities.

Make Reservations

Secure your place at these popular campgrounds by reserving ahead of time. Dakota Ridge RV Park and Indian Paintbrush Campground are also popular options in the area.

Experience the beauty of Colorado’s great outdoors by staying at one of these premier RV campgrounds near Denver. Book your stay today.

Upscale Camping Options Near Denver

For an elevated camping experience near Denver, Base Camp in Golden Gate Canyon is the perfect destination with its resort-style amenities. This resort-style campground offers free WiFi, pool access, fitness facilities, and billiards tables to make your stay even more enjoyable. Plus, you’ll have stunning views of the rocky mountains and easy access to nearby biking trails. Book early, though, as this popular destination fills up fast.

Clear Creek RV Park

For a pet-friendly option just minutes from downtown Denver, Clear Creek RV Park is a great choice. With its well-maintained grounds and modern facilities, you’ll have a comfortable stay while exploring popular destinations like Cherry Creek State Park and Bear Creek Lake Park. And if you’re a photographer or outdoorsman, you’ll love the park’s convenient location.

For those who prefer a balance of comfort and nature, Base Camp and Clear Creek RV Park are ideal choices – but be sure to book early as they’re highly sought after. Just be sure to make reservations early, as these upscale campgrounds are in high demand.

FAQs in Relation to Camping Near Denver Colorado

When’s the Best Time to Camp in Colorado?

June, July, and August are the ideal months for camping in Colorado, with warm and dry weather perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and fishing.

Is Colorado a Good Place to Camp?

Yes, Colorado offers a diverse range of camping experiences, from mountainous terrains to lakeside retreats, with numerous state parks, national forests, and private campgrounds available throughout the state.

What’s the Best Time of Year to Camp in Colorado?

The best time of year to camp in Colorado depends on personal preference and desired location, with summer offering warmer temperatures, fall showcasing beautiful foliage colors, and winter being great for snow sports.

Where Can You Sleep for Free in Denver?

You may find free overnight parking options at certain Walmart locations or truck stops around Denver, but availability varies, so it’s essential to confirm beforehand ( Alternatively, consider dispersed camping within nearby National Forests where permitted by following Leave No Trace principles.


Looking for an outdoor adventure? Camping near Denver, Colorado has got you covered with a wide range of options to suit any preference.

Experience the stunning natural landscapes of Colorado through various campgrounds such as Cherry Creek Road Campground and Indian Paintbrush Campground.

Enjoy water-based activities at Standley Lake Regional Park’s Campground or Eleven Mile Reservoir Campgrounds.

From its national parks alone, Colorado offers more than 4,000 campsites for visitors to take in its breathtaking natural landscapes and create unforgettable memories.

Whether you prefer rustic tent sites or RV parks with luxury facilities, there’s something for everyone.

So pack your bags, grab your gear, and get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget!

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